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Take the racket you like and let our Pros tailor it perfectly for you to maximize your game.


Our 5-point process is a personalized fitting:


Point 1: We choose the right string type for your style

Point 2: We choose the right tension for your game

Point 3: We check your racket for damage, advise you and fix it if possible

Point 4: We tighten your grip and apply a fresh over-grip

Point 5: We add weight, guard tape, and dampener if necessary

You can chose to drop-off/pick-up at one of our locations in Bethesda or McLean, or let us come to your home for the ultimate convenience.  48-Hours guaranteed, with 24-hour and on-site options available.

Full Racquet Customization

Adult customization shopify photo.jpg

Tennis racquets don't have to be so serious!  Let your child express his/her personality with color and designs -- and watch them light up when they take their new customized racquet to the court. 


A full customization includes brand new quality strings of the fun color of their choice, a new grip in the color of their choice, a customized painted stencil and the choice of one of our fun emoji face dampeners.


Plus, did we mention, the new strings are also better quality than the stock strings that came with the racquet and will improve their control and feel of the ball and prevent arm injuries?

Drop-off/pick-up at one of our locations in Bethesda or McLean and guaranteed 24-hour turn-around.

Hot Kit (Juniors)

JR customization shopify photo.png

For players that pop strings frequently and don't need a full racquet customization every time, our elite restringing service is for you. You get a discounted 10-racquet restringing pack, all with our 48-hour best quality guarantee. You can chose to drop-off/pick-up at one of our locations in Bethesda or McLean, or let us come directly to your home for the ultimate convenience.

We use high quality strings on state-of-the-art digital stringing machines that calibrate tension precisely.  Our Professional Tour Stringing Technician, trusted by the pros, is now here for you. 

MAXIMUM ONE FAMILY PER PACK.  We are happy to string racquets for multiple members of the same family as part of this pack.

Elite Restringing Service 10-Pack

10 racquets.jpg



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